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The story behind our logo and name

"After uncertainty on where my future was going, I dreamt of a Phoenix rising to Inspire A Life, I believed it was a sign to help people to improve their life"

Mitchell - Founder
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At Inspire A life Australia we provide a range of services such as domestic activities, outdoor activities, daily support and group activities. We provide these services to assist people with disabilities to achieve their goals and to better their lives for their future.

Our approach is to stop, look, and listen to what a person needs and allow them to make decisions, offering guidance where needed to help them reach their full potential. Our focus is to promote positive health and well-being so they can follow their dreams and passions in life.

We believe that people with disabilities can achieve a lot. The right assistance can help them to feel empowered and confident within themselves. At Inspire A Life Australia we work with NDIA managed, NDIS Plan-managed and Self-managed individuals.

Our team is very passionate about motivating each individual to feel better within themselves and within the community. Over the years our team have spoken to and listened to people with disabilities, to learn about their needs and how we can help them to reach their full potential. Our team continue to expand their knowledge and are looking forward to sharing that knowledge with more people in the future.

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Our Vision

Inspire A Life envisions a culture where all people are treated equally, with dignity and respect for choices they make. Who have the same opportunities to participate in a society where their abilities, rather than their disabilities, are recognized. 

Our Mission

To "Inspire A Life" and fulfil dreams. To empower people with disabilities to achieve their goals by supporting every aspect of their lives with quality care, respect, and kindness.

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