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At Inspire A Life Australia we believe that people with disabilities can sometimes feel isolated and not accepted within the community, this can leave them feeling uncomfortable and excluded.

Our support workers are here to empower and assist them to accept themselves so they feel part of the community. We feel that these groups will show them that they can be a part of the community to better their future and feel comfortable within themselves.

Our groups include:

  • Art (painting, drawing etc) in nature or indoors

  • Acting

  • Board games & Card games

  • BBQ & picnics

  • Cinema

  • Dungeons & Dragons

  • Discussions/Sharing of Health Resources

  • Dance

  • Disco

  • Day Trips (Perth)

  • Exercise  

  • Fishing

  • Goal planning, time management groups

  • Healthy cooking groups

  • Ice skating 

  • ​Journaling, gratitude journaling in nature

  • Karaoke

  • Laser Tag

  • Lawn Bowls

  • Meditation group 

  • Music group

  • Mini Golf

  • Multimedia discussion groups (eg.Books, comics, tv shows, movies and anime)

  • Pool & Snooker

  • Photographing

  • Rock Climbing

  • Sewing

  • Sports

  • Ten pin bowling 

  • Zoo

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