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Support Worker

I am originally from our neighbouring country New Zealand moving to my now home of Perth, Western Australia when I was ten years old. I love the beach, spending time outdoors, volunteering and playing at my local rugby club as well as spending time with my family and friends. I adore looking after my nieces and nephew and spending time to further my knowledge, whether that be by reading a book or completing an online course to learn a new skill.

I am extremely passionate about helping others, my experience started numerous years ago taking on my first personal care client. This kick started my career in support work. I am enthusiastic about teaching others basic life skills from something as simple as making toast to interpersonal skills on interacting with others. I love going on outings with clients and seeing the huge smiles on their faces, it really warms my heart. The reason I got into this line of work is the reward it gives you by watching others achieve new things and the happiness clients expel. I look forward to spending time with new clients via all the services we are offering at Inspire a Life. I can’t wait to meet you all!

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